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Student Testimonials

I have recently started guitar lessons with Andy as a beginner. His teaching is first-class and lessons are conducted in a relaxed and friendly manner. I feel I have learnt so much in such a short time and will definitely continue with the lessons. Highly recommended.


Bill L

Andy has been teaching me classical and flamenco guitar techniques for over 2 years now. For someone who isn't regularly practicing, my guitar playing has improved significantly. His teaching approach is calming yet challenging. He sets challenges each week, introducing new techniques which furthers my playing style. This has given me the confidence to pursue recording tracks of my own devised music. For both a beginner or a guitarist looking to improve, I would strongly recommend Andy. 


Jack L

I drop my son off, go to the cafe round the corner, or walk with my daughter to the farm in the Dene. I come back an hour later and my son, who is apathetic about breathing, can compose his own music, is playing cords like Jimmy Page, and has an understanding of music that is beyond his years. He's 9. Nothing to do with me, all to do with Andy. Fantastic.


Steve K










I would recommend Andy to anyone looking for a guitar tuition. He’s friendly, patient, knowledgable and very organised. 
He always puts a lot of work into his lesson-planning so that during the lesson he can focus entirely on teaching. 
I went to Andy as a complete beginner and within a few lessons was confidently playing some of my favourite songs and pushing myself with tunes I never thought I’d be able to play! And we always have a good laugh in the lessons too. 
In summary: Friendly, relaxed but comprehensive, constructive guitar tuition. 10/10!


James H










Andy is an amazing lap steel/guitar teacher. I have only had 3 lessons with him so far and already feel that I'm progressing quickly with my lap steel. He is very encouraging, friendly, patient and talented, and every lesson is always fun and challenging - I leave each one feeling positive and looking forward to the next one. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be able to play the lap steel as I have had no experience of it or a guitar before, but thanks to Andy he is showing me that I can I do it, and now all I want to do is practice, practice, practice!! I would highly recommend Andy :)


Leigh-Ann L


Andy has been incredibly patient with me as a beginner over the last 2 months. He has broken things down for me really well and also challenged me to try different things at the same time. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Andy, he's warm and welcoming and his lessons are fun and at a really good pace for my ability. I would recommend his lessons to anyone, he's brilliant.

Alice R

Andy is an incredible guitar teacher. He has exceptional music and guitar knowledge, and shares this in a very accessible way, making lessons fun and interesting. Andy is very attentive to your playing so is able to match your ability with teaching pitched at the perfect level. 
With Andy as your teacher you will naturally feel more devoted to the guitar and more motivated to improve.


Mark N

Andy has been teaching my grand daughter to play guitar, she has only been coming for 3 months and she has come on leaps and bounds. Andy is a fantastic teacher, with lots of patience. Lexie has a lot of confidence in herself now and just gets better and better - she was able to play jingle bells for the family after only 2 months and has just recently played in front of her class mates at school. Cant recommend Andy enough - we are over the moon at Lexie's progress, she is thoroughly enjoying learning to read music and how to put this into practice and most importantly she really looks forward to her lesson each week. If you are looking for a great teacher don't look any further…. 


Chris W

Andy is an awesome guitar teacher. Having started his lessons with absolute zero experience playing the guitar I have come to learn a lot from the few months I have been going to his lessons. 
He is very patient and builds my lessons to best suite the way I learn and the songs I want to learn to play. Regardless your age of experience I would definitely recommend, fantastic teacher!


Jonny C










Lovely guy and great teacher. Lessons are chilled but focused on what you want to do. I can't believe how much I've improved from my first lesson. Would highly recommend!


Izzy A

Andy is a superb teacher, he is so reassuring, professional, and friendly. I have been taking lessons with Andy for over a year, he teaches me slide guitar. Andy's talent is absolutely astounding, he is so passionate about music and this comes across in his teaching. Andy always pushes and challenges me, I have achieved so much because of his guidance and encouragement. Above all he is extremely friendly, approachable and makes me feel at ease. I would recommend Andy and his skills to anyone. 

Trevor B

As well as being a very skilled and competent musician, Andy is a fantastic teacher. He has the patience of a saint- he always kept my 7 year old daughter engaged whilst also improving her skills and I could see a noticeable improvement in the way she played her guitar after each lesson. His lessons are structured and he provides good quality reference material and homework for the pupil to take away to work on between sessions. Highly recommended! 

Gill S

I first saw Andy playing at the Butterfly Cafe in a band, (they were good), so I bought their CD. Learning that Andy gave guitar lessons enabled me to full fill a life time ambition to learn the guitar. 
Andy has a friendly, calming and likeable personality, having a patient demeanour and the ability to teach children and adults alike across a broad wide genre of music. 
I'm currently learning my favourite songs on both the acoustic and electric. I would recommend Andy as he is a great teacher with an encouraging teaching style. 

John T

When my 4 year old son declared he wanted to start guitar lessons I wondered if I would be able to find a teacher who could adapt to teaching such a young musician in the making - but we have with Andy! Andy keeps the lessons fun and interesting for him and is incredibly patient and as a result he has progressed (much to everyone's amazement that a 4 year old can play the guitar!!!) week on week. Andy really does have a passion for music and both me and my little boy would recommend. 

Emily F

Superb local teacher. Really friendly, encouraging and helps students develop in their own time. Really passionate about his job and a great teacher to learn from.

Jennie C

Andy is a great teacher and very very patient. I would never of dreamt that I would be able to play the music I have listened to since my youth. Im 61 and if Andy can teach me he can teach anyone.

Jim C

My 6 yr old daughter comes to Andy with her grandad and she absolutely loves her lessons. I'm amazed at how much she has learned in such a short space of time, the progress she makes week to week is fantastic. She is now reading music and playing brilliantly but most importantly she really enjoys it. I would definitely recommend Andy, he has given my daughter confidence in herself, she is proud as punch...Brilliant teacher

Laura W

Andy has the patience of a saint! As an absolute beginner, adult learner, I appreciate his constant encouragement and have noticed a quick improvement in my playing thank to his many useful tips on technique and style. Plus his highly personalised song choices mean I am always practising songs I love - which keeps the fun in learning! I would highly recommend him to anyone of any age thinking of learning the guitar.

Jen C

I've been for lessons with Andy for a few months, on a weekly basis, I've been playing guitar now for a few years, but wanted to improve and start finger pickin' & slide, I'm not the quickest at new methods etc.. So,my guitar teacher had to have the patience of a saint! Andy was just the guy I needed!
A fantastic guitar teacher ,guitarist,and a really nice bloke! 
I can't recommend Andy highly enough!

Allan S

Andy is an excellent guitar tutor. I thoroughly recommend his services, he's a thoughtful and understanding teacher who is in the job for the right reasons.

Chris R

Andy is an excellent tutor; lessons are relaxed and informal, but structured and focused and he'll make you drill things when they need to be properly absorbed. I've been playing for 20+ years and in many ways am starting from scratch; I'm now looking at fundamentals that I wish I had learned at the beginning, and have found Andy very good in this respect. Conversely, if you just want help in nailing a difficult piece, he can show you the way. Highly recommended. 

Damian O

I am really happy that my little boy, who is six, goes to Andy for his guitar lessons. Andy is great, patient and Harry is always looking forward to his lessons with him. I can really recommend Andy, but the best recommendation of all would come from Harry who is happy learning, and that is the main thing. We were all happy as a family the other day when after only a few months of lessons Harry picked up a guitar and played a tune for us all (Jingle Bells!).
Harry does an hour lesson, half on electric (rock) and half on classical guitar, so Andy does a number of styles. 

Mark C

I can highly recommend Andy. He has been teaching my daughter for a couple of months after several years if 'in school lessons' and she has come on brilliantly and has a new found enthusiasm for the guitar.

Ian F

Best guitar teacher I have known and I've encountered many! Patient, highly skilled and thoroughly decent chap!

Simon H

Andy has encouraged and mentored my grandson he had stopped playing but now loves his lessons and has come on leaps and bounds .So much so he's been to buskers night and played 
A big thank you to andy

David S

Andy has been my teacher for several years now. I've learnt so much and always enjoy my lessons. Andy challenges me every session and provides the encouragement I need to progress. Highly recommend to everybody. Aside from a great teacher, he's also a lovely fella.

Trevor N

Fantastic tutor. He knows his stuff. I confidently recommend Andy to anyone who want to learn how to play the guitar or improve their guitar skills and knowledge. I Started learning how to play the guitar with Andy and my skills has improved.

Wisdom  E

Working with Andy has changed the way I play the guitar, he is a tremendous teacher with genuine patience and a desire to see you succeed. The tailored instruction he continues to provide gives me greater insight into and understanding of a variety of techniques plus his additional support in pursuit of my own musical goals has been invaluable. I would recommend Andy to anyone regardless of age or ability, he is a fantastic teacher.

Jamie K

Andy is a fantastic guitar teacher. My daughter really enjoys his relaxed and patient teaching style and has made great progress with the guitar in a short period of time. I would highly recommend his lessons.

Roz C

I have been having lessons with Andy for a year and my playing has improved greatly. He is a great teacher, patient and kind but also ready to push you. He has taught me songs in a wide range of styles and genes along with music theory and exercises for improving techniques. Andy is friendly and easy going I would recommend him to everyone regardless of age or ability.

Johnathan M

I can highly recommend Andy. He has been teaching my daughter for a couple of months after several years of 'in school lessons' and she has come on brilliantly and has a new found enthusiasm for the guitar.

Ian F

I started learning guitar with Andy a few weeks ago having absolutely zero experience previously. I've learned a lot in just a short time and he's always very patient. Excellent teacher, highly recommended!

Ben G

My boy started his lessons with Andy only a few months ago and is making great progress. He is very patient and has corrected many technique mistakes my boy had from previous lessons with other teacher. Thanks Andy.

Michelle B

Our 7 year old son has been keen to be a play the electric guitar since he was 2 years old.We started lessons with Andy in January 2016.My son claims that Andy is the best guitar player and teacher ever.My son is so enthusiastic and excited about Andy's lessons every week.Andy has a natural ability to teach music.He is extremely patient,professional, supportive and gently encouraging with my son.We can all highly recommend Andy as a guitar teacher, a very talented and dedicated player.

Sam R

Very knowledgeable, patient, and also a good laugh! He tailors the lesson towards you, which means you can go into (or avoid), as much music theory as you want. After only 4-5 lessons, I'd say I've already vastly improved as a guitar player, I've managed to drop some bad habits that Andy pointed out, I've learned basic music theory, and the fretboard is finally starting to make sense to me. Highly recommend.

Jack H

Andy has help my son considerably, he relates to him and makes his lessons enjoyable but structured.

Dionne C

I was late coming to guitar, having thought for decades that I'd like to learn. I mentioned this to Andy, after one of the many Thursday evenings spent listening to ‘the blues’ at the wonderful and much missed ‘Monkey Junk Blues Club’, an event he jointly organised. His abilities, eclectic knowledge, experience and love of so many styles: classical, flamenco, folk, jazz, blues [including slide], finger picking, rock etc [acoustic and electric] make him the consummate teacher. Andy has teaching plans prepared, but will tailor those plans to suit the lesson, embracing whatever problems I might be having to keep the lesson fresh, vibrant, interesting - never daunting. Certainly life has changed since I began having lessons. My guitar sits on it’s stand. It’s ‘there’, as a constant and accessible reminder. Readily available, so often, in passing, I sit down, play some chords, a pentatonic scale, or some 12 bar blues - with ‘turnaround’!

David H

I've been having lessons with Andy now for a couple of months and I must credit his teaching style, a great combination of learning while having a laugh, which is perfect for me. I'm a beginner a tried to start learning a couple of years ago, I can confidently say this is now the most interested I've been in the guitar since starting lessons with Andy.

Luke B

Andy is a very professional and knowledgeable guitar teacher. He understands what the student requires and teaches him based on that. Within the first few classes I was able to learn the major chords and now I can even play along with songs. Which i believe is a vast improvement and not every teacher has the capability to do that. So without a doubt I would highly recommend anyone to go for him. But please keep in mind, he being the best in town, is also the busiest in town and i had my mind set to learn only from him, as a result I had to wait for 2 months to get some availability. So make sure to book his lessons in advance.

Sunny A

Started out as a complete beginner a few months ago and I've come on a huge amount thanks to Andy. His complete mastery over the guitar is accompanied by a great personality which makes attending lessons an extremely enjoyable experience. What's more, Andy allows you to dictate what happens in the lesson, if there's a song you want to learn - he'll gladly teach you it or if you're intent on learning guitar theory, he'll happily provide his extensive musical knowledge. Keep up the good work.

Lawrance C

Andy is a great guitar teacher and I highly recommend anyone considering to learn guitar to book a lesson with Andy. I have only been receiving lessons for a few weeks and I can say I have improved in leaps and bounds.

Steve H

I went to Andy to learn the electric guitar and he was exceptional. He started by asking me what sort of music I was into and he tailored my tuition to this. This made the learning process much more enjoyable. 

He teaches you at your own pace and breaks learning the guitar down into easy steps which mean you soon pick it up. 

I would recommend Andy to anyone wanting to learn the guitar!

Andrew P

I was given four guitar lessons with Andy early last year as a gift to help me progress on guitar. Now I can say that I feel a lot more confident in my ability down to Andy's patient teaching and he never frets (pardon the pun).I still get lessons on a weekly basis and I would highly recommend Andy to any one regardless at which level on guitar they are at.may you continue all the fine tuition Andy.

Steve H

Andy is very patient and knowledgeable about specific styles and was able to explain the techniques with ease. He was able to be flexible with my lesson timetable (to accommodate me sometimes working late) and provides a relaxed environment to learn in. He is organised with lesson materials and keen to ensure progression.

Chris M

Andy is a first class teacher and I'd recommend him to people of all standards. He's brought my song writing on leaps and bounds and is an extremely patient and talented individual. I always look forward to my time with him

Johnathan C

I am now a senior citizen (i.e an old git) who has recently taken up the guitar and arranged to see Andy to help with playing barre chords. Although I am sure he needs a darkened room after teaching me, he shows great patience and I am pleased with my progress. I would strongly recommend him as a guitar teacher, he is also a nice guy!

Don J

Great teacher with great banter. I've been going a few weeks now and the feeling of progress is amazing. Andy is teaching me exactly what I want to learn and is very patient. An all round great guy and a pleasure to learn from.

Joe P

A great experience being taught by Andy, he's very informative and able to adapt his lesson to allow for his students to get the most out of the time with him. Not only during the hours spent with him, but he's also always at hand to answer any questions posed to him during the rest of the week, which I found invaluable. He's not only a great teacher but a great friend. Couldn't recommend him enough.

Ruben S

Been going to see Andy for lessons since October 2017, having been self taught for over ten years. I went looking for professional guitar lessons in Newcastle and I have to say he has helped me come On leaps and bounds in 5 month; from music theory to licks and riffs. Andy is a great teacher and good lad. He has a vast amount of knowledge on everything guitar and theory. Couldn’t recommend all you budding guitarists to Andy Turnbull enough.

Lee G

Andy is a top man and guitar tutor. Every bit as good with the theory as he is with the practice of guitar playing. He can teach and perform various styles. Outstanding.

Steve D

Excellent guitarist, will tailor lessons to what you want to improve upon and learn. Easy to get along with. All round great teacher.

Sam B

Andy is a great guitarist and superb teacher, I've been working with him for eight months now and learnt so much. He's very patient, a great laugh and has boosted my confidence with the guitar massively. Highly recommended

Paul S

I've been learning flamenco guitar with Andy now for getting on for a year. I've played guitar all my adult life, 20 years or so, and never had lessons. He has corrected years of bad technique, improved my timing, and got me playing things I never, ever thought I'd be able to play. His passion for the style is really clear and he's introduced me to a some great artists from the past and present. 

Andy also teaches my six year old son, who similarly thinks he's awesome. Really great manner with kids and my son loves his lessons and is really motivated to practice.

Tom S

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