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Choosing a Teacher

If you want to master the guitar, you need a competent teacher. Even if you have modest goals, you can reach them more quickly and easily with a teachers guidance. 

Good teachers help schedule the introduction of new material and explain its meaning. They encourage you when you're on the right track, and quickly correct you when you go wrong. They show you how to study efficiently and effectively. They build your confidence and take you far beyond what you could accomplish by yourself. 

How do you find a competent teacher in today's review age? Guitar teachers aren't licensed or regulated, anyone can teach but the number of competent teachers is limited. So how can a student - particularly a beginner - accurately evaluate a teacher? 

First, talk with your prospective teacher. Ask about their approach to teaching and listen for the following:

  • Does the teacher emphasise performance as the goal of guitar study? We are not talking concert halls and sold out stadiums here, but the act of sharing music with others.

  • Do they talk about the extreme importance of habit formation? Both as a way to practice the instrument and a way to study in itself.

  • Does the teacher emphasise avoiding confusion and error? This ties in with forming good habits and personal progress.

  • Do they talk about developing confidence? You will find that as your confidence grows in the instrument so too will your overall confidence. 

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